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Social media: How to handle it?

by - 11:28 PM


I don’t know about you guys but almost everyone in this planet have at least one social media, others like me have like four (guilty me) so this become one of the biggest thing in the world. Why? Easy you stay in touch with people over a platform that let you do whatever you want, pretty amazing right!

So the thing with social media is that people use against you, how? They love to judge you by the content of your pages, is that weird? Yeah but it’s what it is! 

Here I got you a little tips and tricks about handle social media 

One.- You have the power to decide what to upload, so choose wisely

Only post good things about you, like you compliments or the goals you reach lately, people love to see where you been if it’s a nice place post it! I know you’re dying to show that picture of that drunken girl in the bar but rather not, instead post the selfie you take with your girls 

Two.- Do NOT over use the hashtags!

These things called hashtags are useful of course but if you put like 100 of this in the photo is get completely ruined in my opinion three of this little friends are enough to clarify the situation right?

Three.- Selfies

Who doesn’t love selfies! Personally they are my holy grail! Not even kidding! The thing with the selfies is that they can show whatever you want but no everyone can get the right message, how? Easy!  Maybe you want to show that really nice top of yours but what if that top show a little too much and your selfie show exactly that people will get the wrong idea of a completely innocence selfie, so be careful!

Four.- Status or tweets

I heard a lot of people said “I’m afraid of speak because the words weigh” wisely! I think this is self-explanatory because what you post status or tweets matter, I know free opinion and all that stuffs are involved but we could always put effort on choose well our words, I know you’re dying for explode on Facebook about your boss or even that annoying barista at the office but you better not, I am one of that people that think if you hate or dislike someone and let them know is one of the dumbest things ever! You’re giving them importance and time and they don’t worth the effort at all, so just be quiet and show them you don’t care about them not even a bit!

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  1. Very wise words!




  2. Hi,

    Lovely post! Lurvv your blog..looks amazing! <3

    Check out my latest post:

    would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin?

    Follow me & I'll follow you back.. x

  3. There is some really great advice in here!!

  4. Love this advice. I definitely agree when you say it can be used against you.

    Thanks so much for the visit and your kind words!


  5. Great post :*


  6. I am so bad about saying mean things about my boss or parents on Twitter.... I really need to stop that. These are some great tips!

    -Shelby Lee

  7. I am guilty of having having way too many social media but yes it can be dangerous sometimes! x


  8. Great post! :) https://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com

  9. I'm obsessed with social media too - guilty! However It's really changed my life and has so many positives :)

    Anna x

  10. nice post!!!


  11. great post - i adore social media and do like to just say what i want. i think it adds a bit more personality as an extension of my blog :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a little Dahlia trench coat giveaway worth £80 on my blog right now, click here!

  12. I love your tips Miss! So useful!


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