1st. Entrance: The road to a healthy lifestyle: #1 Taking actions

This is the story of a couple of twins that has been struggling with weight all their life… Sad right? Well this is a journey that started eight years ago, since we were 13, we’re 21 now so its been such a long time diets, workouts, pills, etc. nothing works to be more exactly they’re work first but then all we can see was failure and weight gaining, the cause mostly was our weakness when its come to food (we’re Mexicans is understandable) because you know is delicious        

So this year we moved from our hometown to the city and starting living all by ourselves we decided to make changes and have a fresh start, the ritual is the same want to lose weight and still eating our feelings or boringness away
We search all over the internet for good nutritionists or clinics that actually have good reviews and help a lot of people with problem way more serious that ours, we find this clinic that’s kind of famous in the city its called “Viozon” have variety of reviews but most of them were good ones and the building was pretty close from our house, when we get there they were pretty kind and help us understand the process, they weight us and all the show they usually do to know in what state you first got and to make your expedient, the nutritionist gave us a diet and Omega 3 for helping us digest everything it’s a “easy” diet that consist most of it in veggies and proteins with little bit of carbs, fruits just in the morning and plenty of promises that you’ll do it great

We have nearly a month with the system and its was pretty well the first two weeks (the dates with the nutritionist are weekly) we lost 2 and 3 kilos, also we take infrared beds its like a sauna but you’re in a closed bed in a swimsuit, pretty relaxing its helps to lose fat and calories, but…. Its always a but right? We got comfortable with the diet and star cheating a little (a lot) and start doing the “yo-yo” for the third week I just lost 900 gr. And my sister lost 1 kilo a mean is still a lost but with all the cheating I just lost 4 cm. of waist and 0 in my belly that’s bad news… so we thought what if we share our journey in the abandoned blog we have? Will help us get really dedicated and maybe just maybe we can help others and that’s pretty great, we’ll make a detail journey about our weightless, the next entry will be much more detailed about our progress or recoil (Also real pictures about all the system)

Au revoir  
The lovely madness. 

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